Raise your hand ✋✋✋ if you’re a woman who has ever been the subject of unwanted sexual/aggressive male attention while minding your own business in a public/shared space. . I have, plenty of times. I share that knowing that as a middle class white woman I am afforded a significant amount of societal protection. Women of color are offered no such consideration. Women who identify/dress/talk/act outside of the heterosexual monogamous “norm” are given no such consideration. . The best thing about norms is that they can be changed. Society is nothing more than a collection of agreements we have made with each other. When enough people stop agreeing to any given norm, it will change. It takes time. But change is inevitable. . We have this power. We are not victims. We are not helpless. We are not waiting for someone to save us. . Raise your hand ✋✋✋ if you are a woman who is going to keep on speaking, keep on making people uncomfortable, keep on saying what you want, keep on honoring your Self and your body and your space, keep on demanding honesty and respect in your social interactions and shutting it down when those are not given. RAISE YOUR HAND if you are a woman who is going to keep on raising her hands and voice until we change the social norms and create the world we want for ourselves, our daughters, our sisters and mothers, our sons, our partners, our friends, our lovers, everyone. . Full article link in bio.

Annie Mueller @Annie