So I’ve been thinking… I see a lot of comments expressing a sentiment like “The world is so crazy/bad/chaotic/awful right now” or “Things are worse than ever.” I get the frustration and reasoning. But the mindset isn’t helping us. We’re limiting ourselves with this limited perspective tive. There is a lot of crazy stuff happening all over the world in economies, politics, cultures, etc. U.S. politics are particularly ugly right now. But 1) things aren’t worse than ever, by a long shot. From a broader historical perspective, things are Much Much Better for pretty much everyone alive on earth. And 2) the power of our mindset to influence our actions is huge. We need to watch ourselves. This isn’t woo-woo fluff-stuff, it’s science. What we expect to see tells our brain what to notice; what we notice affirms our expectations; and we create a cycle that’s tough to escape. If we believe things are bad/crazy/chaotic/worse, our brains find things to affirm that belief. And then we get discouraged and don’t to make an effort anymore. I’m not saying we need to deny reality but we can a) choose to look at things from a broader perspective that helps us to see the bigger patterns of change, and where all this chaos and craziness might belong in those patterns and b) choose to focus on what is positive, proactive, hopeful, unifying, forward moving, signs of progress. These two choices can help us avoid being overwhelmed by negativity, can keep us from losing our motivation, can show us the next step forward, can energize and motivate us, can increase our personal power —> which leads to more ability to Take Action and Change Things. Less feeling helpless, more knowing our power and using it.

Annie Mueller @Annie