The river doesn't care

Think of it like this: the life cycle (which in a single lifetime can include many separate lives) is like a river. You’re on the river. That’s the only universal requirement: be on the river. Or in it.

You can swim. You can float on a raft or in a tube. You can be in a rowboat or a big fancy yacht. You can float alone or with other people. You can wear what you want, sing what you want, spend your time how you want. You can notice how the rapids get big and how there’s a waterfall ahead and you can spend your time being afraid of it, or you can throw your hands in the air and say, “Here we go!” and see what happens. You can track your progress down the river every day, or pay no attention to it.

The river doesn’t care. The river is flowing and you’re flowing with it.

Annie Mueller @Annie