Annie Mueller

📸 day 23 / day in the life #mbsept Took this photo yesterday, picking up my daughter from the park downtown

📸 day 22 / road #mbsept

I have been tracking my working time lately (ie how much time spent on x task or z project) and lemme tell you, I am really bad at estimating how much time something will take.

It’s D&D night!!

📸 day 21 / fall #mbsept

Yellow mums in a pot next to a brick wall

📸 day 20 / disruption #mbsept

A woman hiking looks back at a branch crossing the trail

📸 day 19 / edge #mbsept I jumped from that edge into the river a few minutes later

Look, it’s ridiculous that we send people to space and have nanotechnology in our homes but if I want to know how healthy my boobs are I have to smash them between metal plates while my face is smooshed against a plexiglass barrier in the most awkward position imaginable

I have a good relationship with my teens and we’ve worked hard to establish good honest respectful communication and that’s all wonderful and I’m grateful but sometimes it does not matter at all because they are just steeped in angst. So. Much. Teenage. Angst. Tonight.

📸 day 18 / fabric #mbsept Getting closer to cozy season!

🥾 Yesterday’s hiking church // Declue and Eagle Valley Trails in Greensfelder

A winding path through trees with light green leaves in the woods A dirt and gravel pathTrees curve over a narrow path with blue sky in the background

📸 day 17 / intense #mbsept My office decor is a little intense for some but hey, that’s why I work remote 😚

A black floral mousepad with the words “eat a bag of dicks” in script across it next to a pink computer mouse

There is enough time to do what matters to me today.
There is enough time to do what matters, without rush, without stress.

There is not enough time to do everything.
There is not enough time to do all the urgent things.
The options are infinite. The essentials are few.

If there is not enough time to do what matters to me, then it is up to me to look at what I have allowed on my list of important things and decide what no longer has a place there.

📸 day 16 / oof!

📸 day 15 / red #mbsept
My mom, 1983

A woman with blonde hair and a beautiful smile wearing a red shirt

📸 day 14 / statue #mbsept Well, a day late on this but here’s a heavy dose of Americana, circa 2015

📸 day 13 / glowing #mbsept Sunset view on the train to Kansas City

Looking out of a train window at a sunset with light blue skies, streaks of white cloud  and a warm peach glow

📸 day 12 / panic #mbsept Today has been one helluva day and my little evening ritual of finding a photo is both soothing and poignant. Here’s Roomba from a couple of days ago, exhibiting the opposite of panic.

Orange and white cat sleeping on his back completely relaxed on a soft blanket

💔We lost our quirky fun cuddly Roomba today. Completely unexpected. He was only 1 1/2 years old. He was playing, then he convulsed, fell over, and made a noise. I ran over to him and he stopped breathing in less than a minute. At least he was home and safe and loved and did not suffer. We are sad.

📸 day 11 / retrospect #mbsept

📸 day 10 / cycle #mbsept

An old bike with a handwritten label “Elgin 1909” next to a small wagon

🥾today’s hiking church / Green Rock Trail, Rockwoods Reservation. One of my favorite local trails.

SunLight shining through green leaves of treesSeveral tall trees in each side of a trailLooking up a hillside with young trees growing A winding trail with a stump and moss covered log beside itDappled sunlight on a trail next to a mossy logSunlight hits the curve of a trail as it winds up a wooded hill

📸 day 9 / language #mbsept

Abandoned house in the woods with graffiti “fuck 12” in red

📸 day 8 / when the roll is called up yonder #mbsept 📍Starkville, Mississippi: where I grew up and where my Mom is buried. This photo is from 2020. I told her about my kids and how she’d love them. She died when my oldest was a baby. I miss her every day.

The one who stands on the soapbox may be foolish, but the one who listens to him is more foolish still. And more foolish than both is the one who condemns either one. You need to learn to let others live and learn. The only help that you can offer them comes through your acceptance and love and not through your judgment.

Paul Ferrini, The Silence of the Heart

Several recent conversations have me thinking a lot about how and when to voice my views, the futility of most debates or arguments, etc. This quote popped up in my review today.